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    HOT LINE: +86-510-80628100
    2019-05-15 MetalForm China 2019 (Shanghai Show) 2017-07-11 BICES 2017 No. 14 China construction machinery exhibition


    Jiangyin Eternal Heavy Industry Co.Ltd was established in 2008, the main products include: hydraulic cylinder, pressure from 63 tons to 3600 tons and all kinds of forging shaft and forging roller, etc.




    Iron and steel, ferrous& non-ferrous metal , metal forming, rubber & plastic, construction & building, Petroleum and mine, hydro-power & ship building etc

    Technical Article
    Welcome to follow ETERNAL‘s technical update


    • ADDRESS: No.68 Wanquan road,Shanquan Village ,Zhouzhuang Town ,Jiangyin City ,Jiangsu Province ,China.
    • TEL: +86-510-80628100
    • FAX: +86-510-86275121
    • MOBILE: +86-13961689585
    • E-MAIL: info@eternalindustry.cn